iTOVi vs Zyto Essential Oil Scanners – Which is best?


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This is a review page for iTOVi vs Zyto. We compare these two products to see which is the best essential oil aromatherapy device.

After a lot of testing we found the iTOVi scanner to be a better product and investment because of it’s smaller size, accurate results, compatibility with almost all oils companies and referral program..

As you can see by their social media reviews iTOVi is a MUCH more popular choice:

iTOVi Reviews

iTOVi has over 1,200 reviews with an average rating of 4.9. Most of the feedback is VERY positive with only a few bad ratings to do with customer support and people waiting for the new version of the scanner to be sent out.

Zyto has only 47 reviews with a rating of 4.8. Zyto had pretty much the same feedback with a couple of people not happy with customer support.

Zyto Reviews

We have reached out to the creators at iTOVi and they are currently offer a discount for a limited time.

iTOVi – Pros & Cons

iTOVi is a pocket-sized scanner that will help you in determining the products that your Essential oils scannerbody needs.

The device uses a scientific technology and patented algorithm which is very advanced from it’s competitors.

Basically this technology helps the user choose the right essential oils and different supplements their body needs.

iTOVi has also had some significant updates to improve their technology and provide you with the most accurate results. You can find more information about ‘how much does an iTOVi scanner cost‘ by clicking on the link.


  • Smaller size
  • Newer model than Zyto
  • One off payment for lifetime use
  • Updated technology for more accurate results
  • Referral program to make you money
  • Use on new clients and charge small fee for scan
  • Expand your essential oils business
  • Great marketing tool
  • Compatible with most essential oil companies


  • If you choose monthly fee there are ongoing costs (pay outright for no extra costs)

If you want to identify what you lack or you wanted to understand what you need, you should consider using this scanner. It can be used using your iPhone or Android phone and even tablets.

It is relatively easy to use, and it creates a scan report in an instant that is also easy to comprehend. There are no wires or heavy laptops needed to generate a report because it can easily connect to your phone wirelessly.

You can just carry it around with you and put it in your pocket or your purse anywhere you go. In that way, you can just easily slip it out and see what you can do to improve your wellness, and you can even scan your friends and families to help them with their needs, too!

Zyto – Pros & Cons

On the other hand, Zyto scanner is ideal to identify what certain dietary supplements, herbs and other products that you need to improve your health. zyto technology scannerFor it to work, it uses a hand cradle that will transfer signals from the computer where a ZYTO software is installed. You can learn more about how a Zyto scan works here.


  • Original wellness scanner
  • User manual training
  • Fairly easy to use


  • Larger size
  • Monthly ongoing costs

The software will start sending stimuli to your body through digital signatures that represent a real thing, and it can also interpret the different fluctuations in the resistance of your skin that is a great indication of the body’s degree of preference regarding the products that are being evaluated.

When you opt to buy a Zyto scanner, it usually comes with balance, selects (it is an upgrade version of the balance), a compass, and elite (it is to upgrade to LSA Pro). The software is installed to easily recommended useful products and supplements that are picked by the user.

Last September 2016, the company even released “product libraries” for over two hundred companies and nearly 25 of it are all multilevel and large groups of companies. However, the number of the libraries that you can use will all depend on which the Zyto scanner is being used. All Compass and Balancer users are limited to one library only, and the Select and Elite users can choose as much as they wanted.

As we own the iTOVi scanner and use it everyday it does everything we need. It’s very accurate and gives a very detailed report. It’s good to search for  iTOVi vs Zyto reviews so you can see which one suits your needs. These are both great devices to help you test yourself, clients or friends to see what oils are best.

How to get your money back after purchasing these scanners

The cost of these scanners isn’t cheap, $799 (one off fee) for iTOVi and $399 upfront then $39.95 every month for Zyto. However, if you read on you can learn how you can get them for FREE and make money from it.

Everyone who purchases the iTOVi  or Zyto scanner gets a unique code. When you recommend it to anyone you get $50 for each referral if they purchase it through your code.

This adds up very quickly and most people who buy iTOVi end up getting their money back within the first few months. If you know enough people you can actually make good money referring others to the iTOVi scanner.Here is a current snapshot of our earnings:

iTOVi Referrals

If you are looking for effective and reliable ways to determine which essential oils you body needs then this review can help.

You have probably heard these are the best two bio-scanners on the market and will soon understand that they can do amazing things for your essential oil business or personal use.

However, if you are still contemplating which of the two you would like to use we have tested them both and agree you will get better results from iTOVi.

Where To Get An iTOVi Coupon Code

Remember if you want to claim a discount to click on the links above which take you to the official iTOVi website. There are other sites claiming to give you coupons but the only way to get a reduced price is to go directly to the official site.

Discounts or coupons aren’t always available so if the price is lower than usual get in quick!

There aren’t a lot of websites reviewing Zyto vs iTOVi scanners so we hope you find this information helpful.