iTOVi Scanner Price

How Much Does It Cost?

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For more information on the price of the iTOVi scanner read below. Remember you can easily get back the money spent with the iTOVi referral program.

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iTOVi have a variety of pricing options including monthly subscriptions. Avoiding the monthly fees can be great if you are financially able to purchase the scanner outright.

iTOVi Scanner Cost – Outright And Monthly Fee Options

1) ‘Basic’ plan: $39.99 per month + scanner fee $49.99

The basic plan gets you the scanner sent to your door for only $9.99. This is great as the initial cost as you can access to the scanner for a very low price. The downside is you have to pay a monthly fee of $39.99. If you plan to use the product for

2) ‘Choice’ plan: $799.00 + scanner fee $49.99

We recommend the choice plan as you never have to make another payment and can use the iTOVi scanner forever. If you want to learn more about the technology behind this powerful tool check out their official website.

3) ‘Choice+’ $79.99/month + $128.99 scanner fee

This is a new plan introduced by iTOVi. It is a payment plan which enables you to own the scanner outright after 11 months of payments. This is great if you can not afford the scanner outright.

Why it’s best to avoid the monthly fees

You can easily calculate that the monthly add up in the long term. If you take option 1 ‘the basic plan’ you will see that after 1 year you would have paid $39.99×12=$479.88 plus the cost of the scanner rental at $9.99. The total comes to $489.87. After 2 years that figure is $969.75!

If you are serious about growing your essential oils business or want the scanner for personal use you can save money by purchasing the scanner outright.

These prices are very competitive with the Zyto scanner which you can learn more about here.The biggest benefit with the iTOVi pricing is you can buy outright to avoid monthly fees. This option is not available with Zyto.

If you would like to compare other similar products check out our iTOVi vs Zyto review on this page.