Once you know where to buy your essential oils from you’re going to need to find a good diffuser. Below is some background information you should understand before selecting the right diffuser for your needs. If you want to know the essential oils we recommend click the iTOVi homepage to see the scanner it in action!

What Are Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffusers?

They are useful and extremely versatile equipment that are widely used to distribute the healing attributes and scents of fragrant essential oils into the air we inhale. With water and a couple of drops of your preferred essential oil, you can make a peaceful, pleasant smelling environment which has a constant, fragrant mist.

Not sure which oils to put in your diffuser? You can learn which oils your body needs by choosing a scanner from our itovi vs zyto reviews page.

There are a couple of types of diffuser to select from to suit people’s requirements. If you’re seeking to help heal a particular health problem or simply just want to alter the mood within your environment, there is an aromatherapy diffuser available for you.

Have you noticed exactly what the distinction is between the diffusers that need heating by a candle and also the cool misting style of aromatherapy diffusers? Most people purchase the tea light type of diffusers, without any knowledge that there are others available on the market.

So what’s the difference?

Heat Diffuser –

These are ideal for distributing a beautiful fragrance through your home, but that is all. If you are wanting the therapeutic properties of essential oils, then heat should be avoided, as heat changes the oil’s chemistry, therefore removing any therapeutic properties it may have had. Heat diffusers (or oil burners) are only good for making your home smell fantastic.

Cold Air Diffuser –

Cold air diffusers use air to blow oils into a nebuliser to get vaporised into the air. This diffuser can diffuse efficiently and in contrast to heat diffusers, these will not damage the healing qualities of the oil getting used.

Cold mist diffusers function to quickly saturate the air in the room with essential oils. A cold air diffuser is the suggested option for diffusing essential oils. It atomizes a fine misting of oil into the air that can remain for a long time. It disperses the oil without the need for heating or burning.

Electric fan aromatherapy diffusers are a bit less effective in spreading a strong fragrance, however, they tend to do a good job at spreading a weaker aroma throughout a larger room.

These types of diffusers tend to be a bit more expensive than other types that use heat, because they take more money to manufacture and they aren’t great for the environment use a great deal of power to run. You can read more about them here.

How to use an essential oil diffuser

First of all know why you are using your diffuser. Are you using it to simply make your room smell nice or for health reasons? Knowing what your body needs is easily achieved with the iTOVi scanner. Once you know what you need you can quickly use them in any of the following diffusers. Check out our iTOVi scanner review for more information.

This will impact the choice of burner that you would use. Using a cold air diffuser is the best choice, as it disperses the fragrance of your oil and has therapeutic benefits. There are many benefits to using oils such as tea tree essential oil

Oil Burners

If you just want just a nice smelling room, place a couple of drops of essential oils of your liking within the bowl of water at the top of the oil burner. Then put a lighted tea light beneath the bowl to allow the water to evaporate into the air.

Keep the flame and oil in a safe place, out of the reach of children and pets. Do not leave unattended and clean your burner regularly.

Cold Air Diffusers

If you’re not used to diffusing essential oils inside a cold air or mist diffuser, start with 20 minutes a day then increase to a few hours. Put a few drops of oil and water into your diffuser and turn it on.

You may also have the option to disperse the oil from a low to high setting. Do not inhale the mist directly, consult with an aroma therapist or naturopath first before self-treating. Make sure that after using your diffuser you follow the instructions and clean it properly.

Cool mist diffuser vs traditional oil burners

As stated previously, traditional oil burners that use heat can simply be used to make a room smell better and can be relaxing. However, by heating or burning essential oils can destroy any therapeutic effects and toxic compounds can be created.

Unless you use 100% essential oils, you can never be sure what is in the oil you are burning and it could even become toxic or carcinogenic when burnt. The bottom line is, burning essential oils is ok, but if you want the full benefits of your oils, don’t use them in an oil burner.

Cold mist diffusers are the best choice and have enormous benefits. They operate where the oil is forced through a pinhole by a stream of air at high pressure. This disperses a fine vapor that contains all of the constituents of the oil in the same balance as liquid form which remains suspended in the air for some time.

The oil is also energized, because of the speed and pressure that it is forced through the pinhole, which raises the healing potential of the oil. Below are just some of the benefits that can be gained:-

Benefits of essential oil cold air diffuser

  • Relax your body, relieve tension and calm your mind
  • Reduce bacteria, odors and mold
  • Stimulate neurotransmitters.
  • Improve your digestion
  • Improve focus, mental clarity and alertness.
  • Balance hormones
  • Assist with weight control.
  • Reduce headaches

Top Rated Essential Oil Diffusers

This is a great review for the top ten diffusers available. We have also listed a few below.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Waterless Aromatherapy diffuser

This aromatherapy essential oil diffuser can either be used as a constant mist, or at 30 second durations. It also has a really lovely colour changing effect. With over 5000 reviews on Amazon.com and nearly a 5 star rating, this is a very reasonable price and will make a beneficial addition to your home and to your health.

Riverrock Oil Diffuser – Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve Riverrock Oil Diffuser

Thoughtfully designed to look like a large pebble and to sound like a babbling brook, this chic design will calm you down after a stressful day and provide fantastic therapeutic benefits. Again, this seems to be a very popular product to buy and has terrific reviews.

Inn Tech Oil Diffuser with 7 Changing Colours LED Lights Inn Tech Oil Diffuser

The Innoo cold air diffuser is both quiet and relaxing and mood elevating. Providing health benefits and different modes depending on the colour of light you want to choose and how often you want the mist to disperse.

Quooz Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Oil Diffuser -Ultrasonic Diffusion

This is a lovely looking product, as it is made from glass and shaped like a flower bud. Because of its design it is slightly more expensive, but has great features such as ‘auto shut off’ and light and dispersion models. Really great as a gift as a luxury item in your home.

Below is a geat video explaining the options available.