Frankincense essential oil is prized oil which is based on the resins of the Boswellia tree. This tree is by itself astonishing because it can flourish even benefits-of-frankincense-essential-oilin harsh surroundings and may also live on a solid stone. It grew on the lands of the Middle East and some areas in Africa.

Frankincense is widely know for it’s healing properties. If you suffer from addiction it’s best to find a rehab center like this but you can also use essential oils such as frankincense as a natural alternative to rid addiction.

History of Frankincense

The resin has a long and rich history. It was offered by among the three kings to the baby Jesus. At Present we may raise some ideas on why would a king offer a resin as a gift. Back then, Frankincense was considered to be more valuable than silver and gold. It was a present fit for a king.

Also, it was additionally within the grave of King Tut. With the two categorizations of resins, the female frankincense was considerably more valuable than its counterpart. Female resin is described to take reddish light colour and considered to be of higher quality fit for the kings.

Frankincense now stays as valuable as it was before. Obviously it wouldn’t cause you much gold but for the people that got the chance to be blessed by its amazing advantages – it is priceless.

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Advantages of using this oil

The advantages of frankincense are both used in medicinal and religious uses. The resins have longed been combusted in temples and significant services. The oil derived from it was used for anointing.

The use of it as incense passed to generations and still is used in Catholic masses. Medicinal side of the resin is best exemplified for treatment for respiratory ailments. When broken down, a part of the resin is regarded as anti inflammatory that is excellent for inflammatory troubles brought on by arthritis pains by improving blood supply.

The part within the resins is called the Boswellic acid.