iTOVi Scanner Review - The Ultimate Essential Oils Business Tool?

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What Is An iTOVi Scanner?

It is a revolutionary product which sends frequencies throughout the body to test which essential oils would be most beneficial for you. The technology used but the scanner is very advanced but it is a simple product to use and understand.

The reports are neatly displayed and gives you a very accurate description of what your body needs for optimum health.

There are a lot of great benefits to owning one of these powerful tools as you can quickly assess your bodies requirements and use the appropriate oils you need.

This is not a complete wellness diagnostic tool. It simply sends frequencies throughout the body through bio-electrical Impedance and records how the body reacts. Then it calculates and provides you with a simple report on how you can improve your overall health.iTOVi scanner review

The algorithm behind the system is extremely accurate. It has been thoroughly tested for accuracy in many different body types.

When you receive the scanner it comes with a mini USB which you will need to plug into a wall socket for 60 minutes prior to running your first scan.

There is no ‘on’ or ‘off’ button on the scanner. When you open the app the scanner will turn itself on. One full charge gets you about 5-7 days of usage.

Build Your Essential Oils Business

The hardest part about building an essential oils business is meeting new people to share the benefits of using essential oils. This product takes the struggle out of meeting and introducing new people to discover the how essential oils can benefit them.

This is the perfect ‘ice breaker’ if you struggle to introduce new people to your business. If you’re out and about people literally line up to see what oils the iTOVi scanner suggests are necessary for them.

Check out the AMAZING feedback below!

iTOVI Scanner Reviews

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How Much Does An iTOVi Scanner Cost?

There are a variety of different prices and options when it comes to purchasing a scanner. If you see the value in the scanner try to avoid monthly costs and buy it outright. Please click on the link if you want to learn about the iTOVi price options.

iTOVi essential oils scanner is compatible and gives accurate reports on the following oil companies:

Report from iTOVi scan

  • Be Young
  • dōTERRA
  • Natural Longevity
  • Nature’s Sunshine
  • QScience
  • Synergy
  • VEO Natural
  • Young Living
  • Zija/Ameo

iTOVi Reviews

We compared the best scanners on the market with our iTOVi vs Zyto review. These are the top two scanners on the market and as you can see from the results to prove that this is a legitimate essential oils scanner is to take a look at people who actually use the product.

There is excellent feedback and you can see it is great value for money.

How Does The Technology Work?

It works using ‘bio-impedance’ which is the same technology used by Nike in their body scanners. The scanner must be connected to your skin with the two silver sensors. It is best hold it in your hand so it can read your body’s frequency.iTOVi app for essential oilsiTOVi for sale

You will need to download the app to your phone to see the results. The app is free and available on iPhone or Android.

The app is easy to use and provides very detailed results.

After the report is complete you can easily text, email or send the report to others.

There are a lot of different settings on the scanner. You have the option to include of exclude different products from the results. You can also select how many oils you want the scanner to display in the results.

The scanner connects to a free app on your phone. The app is available in android and Apple formats. You can get the app for free but you won’t be able to do much with it unless you purchase the device as well.

On the top of the device there are two metal sensors. You need to have these sensors touching the skin to perform a scan. Most people will hold the device in the palm of their hand but you can actually touch the metal sensors to any part of the body to get an accurate scan.

Under the device there is a small hole which you can use to reset the device. This is done by inserting a paper clip into the hole and waiting for it to vibrate.

When you set up the scanner in your app you will need to enter a username and password. This information is the same as what you used during the purchase of the device.

There are three options on the home screen. The first is the home option, next clients, then settings. You need to make sure the number in settings is the same as on the box. You can see the battery life and test the connection in the settings menu.

There are a lot of great websites and YouTube videos to read and watch which will show the results from scans and give you the best idea if this product is right for you. We use dōTERRA oils and if you want to find out more about signing up for a dōTERRA wholesale account check out this video.

The results will simplify your use of essential oils and make deciding on blends easier than ever.

How does iTOVi know which essential oils are best?

Every essential oils product from Young Living has been tested and entered into the scanner. Every oil has a unique frequency which can be measured.

The software can detect the frequencies in your body and provide you with very accurate results as to what your body requires. It also has a very sophisticated algorithm which sets it apart from other products in this niche.

If your body reacts to the frequencies the report will show you need to have more or less of that product. Each reaction is prioritized according to the level of frequency detected. The scanner tests over 270 bio-points in the body to get these results.

Once the scan is complete you will be able to see all the products your body requires in a report.

Is it similar to a Zyto Scanner?

Yes! iTOVi uses the same technology as the Zyto scanner. Both are great tools to help your essential oil business.

We recommend reading up on each option before buying. You may prefer one over the other. Make sure you check out all the reviews and read as much as you can before buying.

There are advantages of using each scanner and you can learn more about how Zyto works in our Zyto scanner review page.


Kerry Doherty

Kerry Doherty

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